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Version 3.3

  • New: Check new md5 items only option
  • New: Check new files in Md5Checker Shell context menu item
  • New: Be able to recognize and skip comments in an MD5 file
  • New: Displays last opened folder/last opened/saved MD5 file in the title bar
  • New: Save Options dialog
  • New: Save | Md5 item delimiter options
  • New: Save | Line feed options
  • New: Save | Path delimiter options
  • New: Save | Save To | Always save full path option
  • New: Hand cursor for Hyper Link control
  • Improve: New wildcards matching algorithm - Adding large folder is about three times faster
    Please update *.* to * if you have such settings of previous versions. *.* only matches files which name contains dot explicitly, i.e., has extension name.
  • Improve: Be able to read MD5 files in various formats, including leading spaces, various comment delimiters, leading zeros omitted from MD5 checksums and various md5 item delimiters
  • Fix: Count of checked items in the status bar is incorrect if there are md5 items in the Loaded category
  • Fix: Progress bar should be reset to 0 when shows up
  • Update: Load all MD5 files by default while adding folders
    If you do not want to check those loaded md5 items, use the Check new md5 items only option when add folders.
  • Update: Default values of Add | Add folders | Include option
  • Update: Start, Stop and Locate toolbar button icon
  • Update: Default window size
  • Minor changes