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Md5Checker 3.3 is released
Monday, 24 December 2007 15:07

What's new:

  • New: Check new md5 items only option
  • New: Be able to recognize and skip comments in an MD5 file
  • New: Save Options dialog
  • Improve: New wildcards matching algorithm - Adding large folder is about three times faster
  • Improve: Be able to read MD5 files in various formats
  • Fix: Count of checked items in the status bar is incorrect if there are md5 items in the Loaded category
  • Update: Load all MD5 files by default while adding folders
  • More ...

One tip: Hold the Shift key down and then press Start in the main Window, Md5Checker will check new md5 items only.

The version 3.3 has been updated once since last released, the latest version is Please check again whether you downloaded the right version. Sorry for the inconvenience.

You can post comments, suggestions or bug reporting for the version 3.3 here, thanks!